Episode 6 (Released: 25th of December, 2011)

Songs in this episode

  1. Nine Inch Nails - Ridley Bent (download)
  2. To Make Manifest - Thavius Beck (download)
  3. Quiero, Quieres - Forget Cassettes (download)
  4. Dullness - Wshgaukd (download)
  5. New Jinx Blues - Rattlesnakin' Daddies
  6. synthetic eyes - Freiraum (download)

Episode 5 (Released: 17th of January, 2009)

Songs in this episode

  1. Roscoe - Midlake
  2. Dubbing Nina - Gil (download)
  3. Murder - The Big Sleep (download)
  4. Ginko Disco (Electric Cafe Remix) - Love Ends Disaster!
  5. Borderline - Brad Sucks (download)
  6. You ain't gettin' my country (without a fight) - The Divorcees

Episode 4 (Released: 17th of January, 2007)

Songs in this episode

  1. Low Life - Scanners
  2. Where Ya From - Lyric1 (download)
  3. Down the Road - Rob Costlow (download)
  4. Mass Romantic - New Pornographers
  5. Portland Town - A Hack And A Hacksaw
  6. Way It's Gon' Be - Vancougar
  7. Baby Boy - Crystal Skulls
  8. Futuristic Ain't Shit To Me - Chilly Gonzales

Episode 3 (Released: 25th of March, 2006)

Songs in this episode

  1. Double Header (Featuring Buck 65) - Omid
  2. Whipping Boy - Shearwater (download)
  3. Tesla - Tarwater
  4. Hello Hammerheads - Caribou
  5. Takin' It Back - Ty
  6. Future - Cut Copy (download)
  7. Lunch is the Question - Jeff Albert

Episode 2 (Released: 7th of March, 2006)

Songs in this episode

  1. No Thief - The Guest Bedroom
  2. Trouble - Summer Hymns (download)
  3. Rodchenko in My Bauhaus - Candy Chang (download)
  4. Buried Them In Water - The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir (download)
  5. A Match Made in Texas - Her Space Holiday (download)
  6. Charm City - Jenny Toomey (download)
  7. I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
  8. Club Apotheosis (Featuring Hymnal) - Omid

Episode 1 (Released: 12th of February, 2006)

Songs in this episode

  1. Ohio 2 - Lost on Purpose (download)
  2. Mine Is In Yours - Mouse On Mars (download)
  3. do you stand up? - The Wades (download)
  4. Image - Atmo.Brtschitsch (download)
  5. Various Stages - Great Lake Swimmers


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